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What if you touched me?

I think about what it would be like.

I’ve cared for you and have had interest in many ways and levels, but it all started as sexual chemistry.

I remember the first day you walked into the class I was actually awestruck.

You were and still are the most attractive man I have ever seen in my life.

Your smile, the line of your jaw, your piercing eyes. You spoke, you laughed, you made silly jokes and made light of the material. I was so incredibly taken by you. I still am.

I left every single class of yours wanting you in every way possible.
When I had you four times a week it was basically torture.

I used to put all my focus into thinking about what would happen if we ended up together.

But, more excitingly…what if your lips met mine? What if you touched the small of my back or brushed my thigh with your fingertips. It would be electrifying. It would be addicting. I wouldn’t want it to stop. I would want you to touch me wherever you wanted to. I wish more than anything for this to happen. It would be literally the best thing I can ever imagine happening.

I still want you; need you. Every day.

I pray I will run into you. I need you to see me. I know you think about me too. I know you find me attractive. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I don’t know what ulterior influences were affecting what could have been between us. Whether it age or someone else, I hope you will give me the chance I deserve.

Things never worked out with him.

I’ve been exceptionally busy with exams and didn’t have the opportunity to write on here as much as I would have liked to.

I ran into him a couple times when I was visiting the college to talk to my program co-ordinator and other professors and he acted just as interested as he always did.

I don’t get why he never called me back or emailed me.

I know we both felt something…maybe he just thought I was too young. I don’t know.

I saw you today

It was so magical.

You were so sweet and we talked and there was no awkwardness, no classroom to cause boundaries.

Just you and me.
Talking about life, dreams, hopes for the future.

We laughed, we smiled, we bonded.

I hope I see you again soon.

Can’t stop thinking about you.
That knowing look. We share it often.

That knowing look. We share it often.

It’s weird going from seeing you every day to not seeing you at all. I’m glad I get to see you soon